No one expects to fall at work. Like any accident, you don’t intend the incident to occur. Yet it does none the less, and you are now injured and unable to work. If you or a loved one is suffering from a traumatic brain injury as result of a workplace injury then you need to consult with our Worker’s Compensation Attorney at JML Law, a Professional Law Corporation in Long Beach. Our Workers Compensation Attorneys understand the severity of your situation. If you are suffering from a traumatic brain injury then you may not have the energy or ability to get the correct paperwork and forms necessary to ensure that you receive a successful claim. A loved one can help, but they may not be best suited because they may now have to work more to compensate for the loss of income or they are busy taking care of you.

How It Happens

The problem with traumatic brain injury is that sometimes the symptoms cannot show until days or weeks later. It is documented that around 1.5 million people in the United States have a traumatic brain injury each year. Of those 1.5 million, 50,000 dies from the injury and 85,000 suffer from long-term disability. The reason for traumatic brain injuries is diverse, but one of the top reasons is falling. Falling doesn’t have to be from a great height. It can be falling onto surfaces that are completely unforgiving or falling in places that expose you to more jagged edges.

If you work in construction, retail, service industry, manufacturing, transportation, or the like, then you may be more prone to falling due to the work environment.  For example, in construction, you are more prone to falling off of buildings, roofs, or machines. If you are in retail, you may be more prone to falling off of ladders or while working in the back room. If you are working in restaurants or in the kitchen, then you expose your self to more slip and falls that may lead to more injuries affecting your head.

As diverse as the reasons for a fall, there are other diverse situations that result in traumatic brain injuries such as open head injury, closed head injury, deceleration injury, chemical or toxic exposure, hypoxia, tumors, infections, and stroke. Regardless of how the injury occurred, if you were at work while it happened you should consult an attorney to get a better understanding of your options.

What To Do

Our Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney has over 40 years of experience. We have continued to work in the Long Beach community because we get the results. We work aggressively and tirelessly to ensure that your claim is in an optimal position to succeed. Call 818-610-8800 or click here to consult with one of our professional attorneys today. Don’t let the pain and suffering be the reason your claim falls behind or doesn’t get the attention it needs. Let us do the work while you do the healing.

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