Oakland Defamation Attorney

Oakland Defamation Attorney

The most effective defense to defamation is the truth. Defamation cases typically involve an employer making a false statement about an employee that attacks their character and causes harm to their reputation. Statements can be made by supervisors, coworkers, and managers.

There are several ways that defamation can harm your future, such as your reputation, employment prospects, and career advancement. While you might think that there is nothing you can do about these comments and allegations, there is. You will need to work with an Oakland defamation attorney to hold the liable parties accountable for their actions and obtain compensation.

How Does Defamation Hurt Your Reputation

While you might not think there will be severe consequences to you after an employer’s comment, it can hurt your entire future. All of those years of training that you put into perfecting your craft and setting yourself up for a successful future can all be lost due to the false statements made by your current employer.

While you may think it will be easy to find another job and move on from this situation, you would be wrong. Your reputation will follow you, and you may find it challenging to start with a new employer. Your earning potential is also hurt as you may have to start at a lower position than what you are trained for because of the defamation.

Two types of defamation can harm your entire life. The first is slander which consists of one party telling another party extreme untruths to the point where their job is harmed. This is solely done through the spoken word. The second kind of defamation is libel which consists of written false statements. For example, this can consist of a co-worker or supervisor writing about you in an interoffice memo that the entire company received.

Obtaining Compensation in a Defamation Case

While your reputation is utterly ruined, you may be unsure what legal options you have. After all, the amount of money you can make is substantially lowered due to these comments, whether written or spoken. Some examples of damages in a defamation suit include:

  1. Pay cuts
  2. Demotion
  3. Denial of promotion
  4. Loss of employment
  5. Stress leading to health problems
  6. Inability to find new employment
  7. Negative employee references

These damages are genuinely immeasurable, and no price tag can ever truly fix your reputation. Often, these lawsuits can be settled outside of court or pre-lit, but our Oakland defamation attorney is prepared to go to court and fight for your rights.

Contact an Oakland Defamation Attorney Today

Defamation is often a complex topic, and you will need an experienced attorney on your side. We will collect the following evidence to build your case:

  1. Testimony from witnesses
  2. Tangible items, like company newsletters
  3. Printed material, such as social media and blog posts

We will also set a timeline for when the defamation occurred and the consequences following. Contact our Oakland defamation attorney by calling JML Law, A Professional Law Corporation at 818-610-8800 to schedule an initial consultation. You can also submit our contact form and a member of our firm will reach out to you to schedule an appointment.

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