San Francisco Fraudulent Inducement of Employment Attorney

San Francisco Fraudulent Inducement of Employment Attorney

Home to the Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf, the incredible city of San Francisco is additionally known for its architecture, landmarks, and diversity. Hard-working families in the San Francisco area, and all over California, are sometimes taken advantage of by their employers. Fraudulent inducement of employment can happen when a current or potential employer persuades an employee to take a job, that they would not normally accept, by promising certain incentives that they have no intention of fulfilling. Fraudulent promises, such as these, can have significant negative impacts on employee and their family. If this has happened to you or a loved one, contact JML Law offices today at 415-692-3462 to consult with an attorney on what legal rights are available to help you recover damages.

Examples Of Fraudulent Inducement Of Employment

Sometimes an employer needs to hire someone to do a job or accept a position that is hard to fill. To entice employees, occasionally employers will knowingly lie about the conditions of work environments, residential prospects, advancements in education, and the potential for bigger salaries to get their employees to accept certain jobs. If the employer knowingly makes false assurances and promises to an employee to get them to accept the position, and these fraudulent promises significantly affect the employee negatively, this is the fraudulent inducement of employment. Employees and their families can face serious financial hardships when these agreements are intentionally not kept. If you feel your employer has done this to you, contact JML law offices in San Francisco at 415-692-3462 for a free consultation. Discuss with one of our attorneys, who specialize in the fraudulent inducement of employment cases, how to ensure your rights as a worker are being upheld.

The Labor Code

According to California’s labor code , employers can not talk their employees into changing their residence to, from, or within California, by making knowingly false representations about:

  1. “The kind, character, or existence of such work;
  2. The length of time such work will last, or the compensation therefor;
  3. The sanitary or housing conditions relating to or surrounding the work;
  4. The existence or nonexistence of any strike, lockout, or other labor dispute affecting it and pending between the proposed employer and the persons then or last engaged in the performance of the labor for which the employee is sought.”

What To Do

If you are facing serious financial and possibly personal repercussions of an employer who has made fraudulent promises, contact JML Law offices in San Francisco now to speak with one of our attorneys who specializes in employment laws. Any employer found guilty in criminal court, can be charged with a misdemeanor, fined up to one thousand dollars, and/or face imprisonment for up to six months under California law. The employer can also be held liable to the wronged employee in civil court for double the damages. Our employment attorneys will take your case as far as legally allowed to ensure you get the maximum legal compensation for damages due from your employer. If we do not reach a beneficial outcome we do not get paid. You can contact our experienced attorneys by calling 415-692-3462 or visiting our website at

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