December 26, 2018

For a pedestrian who has been hit by a car, the cost of medical treatment has probably gone through the roof already. But your personal injury settlement is not comprised of only medical expenses. There are many key factors that will – and should – affect the value of your settlement after a pedestrian accident.

“While you are probably trying to Google the average settlement for a pedestrian accident in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California, it will be much more useful to consider the following factors to calculate the value of your claim,” advises our pedestrian accident lawyer Los Angeles at JML Law.

Do not chase some illusory settlement amount that is thought to be the “average” settlement amount for pedestrian accident cases. Your particular case could be worth much more than that. There are many factors that come into play when determining the value of any motor vehicle accident case, and pedestrian accidents are no exception.

Today, our Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney is going to outline key factors that will affect the amount you can expect in a personal injury settlement after your pedestrian accident in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California:

  1. The severity of your injury
  2. How much money you have already spent on medical bills
  3. The amount of time you have missed from work and how many more weeks, months, or years you are expected to miss because of your injury
  4. Whether or not your injury is going to affect your earning capacity either short-term or long-term
  5. The estimated length of your medical treatment
  6. The impact of your injury on your daily life and activities as well as your quality of life
  7. Whether or not your injury has caused any pain and suffering, emotional distress, or mental anguish
  8. The prospects for a full recovery (or do you have a temporary or permanent disability?)
  9. Whether there any long-term consequences of your injury you have been made aware of
  10. Whether or not the other party’s fault is clear or unclear
  11. Whether or not you share liability for the accident (did you contribute to the pedestrian accident in any way?)

In order to seek compensation for all of the above, you will have to file a personal injury claim with your own insurance company or the insurer of the at-fault party. With an experienced pedestrian accident attorney in Los Angeles by your side, the value of your claim can reach $100,000 or even $1 million, as a lawyer is the only one who can ensure that insurance companies are not trying to minimize the value of your claim or deny it altogether.

Unfortunately, insurance companies in California are no strangers to employing unfair and dishonest tactics to pay the injured as little as possible. This is their way of staying afloat in the business. But our skilled lawyers at JML Law will not let that happen.

Our Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney will make sure that you are getting the personal injury settlement you deserve after evaluating the value of your claim. All of the above-mentioned 11 key factors will be taken into account to calculate the value of your settlement. You deserve to know the truth about how much your case is worth. Schedule a free consultation to find out today. Call our offices at 818-610-8800.