California Ranks Among Highest Worker’s Comp Fraud

By: JML Law | June 15, 2017.
California Ranks Among Highest Worker’s Comp Fraud

Workers compensation is a topic many Californians avoid. It’s just too expensive here and the system is very inefficient. The state of California has the highest costs but there are no extra benefits. There is a lot of money poured into the system but very little will actually end up in the hands of injured workers. While employees in California are required to have a worker’s comp insurance, it all sounds like broken promises too many employees who struggle to make ends meet after being injured at work. Contact a Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney and find out about your legal rights and how they have been violated.

California’s system

The worker’s comp system in California is fraudulent and inefficient. Employers are often overcharged but when the worker needs to help the money ends up in the hands of medical providers and other parties. We are a no-fault state, which means injured employees need to prove someone caused the injury to receive the benefits. In order to prove these injuries actually happened, injured workers need to make a few doctor visits, which can be overly charged as well as conditions misdiagnosed. Unethical medical providers have caused huge problems in the system and now we are paying for it. This is one of the main reasons why worker’s comp in California is one of the most expensive ones nationwide.

Worker’s comp fraud and the costs

The costs of workers’ compensation in California have risen about 41% over the past 7 years. The main reason is the higher rate of work-injury claims we are experiencing here while in other states this rate seems to decline. There are more claims being filed, especially in the Los Angeles area which have caused the costs per claim to significantly rise.

Find representation in a worker’s compensation case

In addition to medical expenses, employees injured at work can also recover part of their lost wages. Besides your workers’ compensation claim, you can also file a claim against a third party that may have contributed to the accident. Sometimes a motorist is negligent, or perhaps a faulty equipment or manufacturing defect caused the accident.

Negotiating on your behalf

Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney at JML Law has a better idea of how much your claim is worth. The attorney understands how the system works and will make sure your rights are fully protected. Some important factors to consider include:

  1. The nature of your injuries and how they have limited you from performing certain tasks.
  2. The rating of your disability.
  3. The category of disability.
  4. If the disability is permanent or temporary.
  5. Cost of ongoing medical treatment.
  6. Lost wages.

Worker’s comp fraud in California will eventually continue but this should not limit you when filing your claim. Our attorneys will approach your worker’s comp case boldly and protect your rights. Contact us today and schedule your initial consultation. Your answer is a phone call away!

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