Wrongful Death In Los Angeles At Supermarket Leads To Lawsuit

By: JML Law | December 23, 2020.
Wrongful Death In Los Angeles At Supermarket Leads To Lawsuit

When we enter a store to get a cup of coffee or something from home, we expect it to be an easy transaction. But when a security guard escalates a conflict instead of de-escalating the situation, tragedy follows. At JML Law, our Los Angeles wrongful death lawyers want to discuss a recent wrongful death that occurred in Los Angeles—an argument turns deadly, leaving children without a father.

What Happened In This Terrible Los Angeles Wrongful Death

In October 2020, Jerry Lewis was waiting for a tow truck. He entered the Green Street Market, looking to get something to eat or drink while he waited. Umeir Hawkins, the security guard, and Lewis got into a heated confrontation. A security guard should de-escalate a situation, but instead, Hawkins’s wife, Sabrina Carter, brandished a firearm at Lewis and other customers.

Lewis began to leave, and instead of letting the issue go and having Lewis walk out the door safely, Hawkins shot Lewis and was pronounced dead on the scene.

Lewis’s children have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Green Farm Market for the wrongful death and that the store negligently supervised and hired Hawkins.

Wrongful Deaths Cause Undue Suffering

A security guard is in place to deter and discourage crime in an area, a person to go to for help. Instead, this security guard not only carried a firearm but used it to kill a man who posed no threat or danger to anyone. This wrongful death left a family without a father. We want to find justice for those impacted by a wrongful death and want to speak to you immediately because the statute of limitations on wrongful death is only two years; this is a short amount of time, and we want to act fast to help you.

The family members of the victim in a wrongful death have to deal with such problems such as:

  • Loss of salary from the victim
  • Emotional and physical trauma
  • Loss of stability in the home
  • Unable to keep up with rent or mortgage payments
  • Unforeseen legal and medical bills

Call Us For A Free Consultation On Your Case

If somebody you love has been the victim of a wrongful death caused by someone’s careless and negligent actions in the Los Angeles area, please contact us immediately. Please call as soon as possible because the statute of limitations on wrongful death is only two years, and we know you do not want the time to run out before we can help. We, at JML Law, pledge to conduct a thorough and full investigation into your claim so we can secure the compensation you desperately need. This can include:

  • The estimated value of the comfort and service your loved one would have provided had he lived.
  • The medical and hospital bills accrued before death
  • Estate administration expense in regards to the wrongful death
  • The loss of guidance, inheritance, moral upbringing, advice, love, guidance, and support.
  • Funeral and burial expenses

When you need a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer, you can contact JML Law for a free consultation by clicking here or calling 818-610-8800 for a free case evaluation.

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