Cycling Professional’s Suicide Possibly Linked to Prior Concussion

By: JML Law | March 16, 2019.
Cycling Professional’s Suicide Possibly Linked to Prior Concussion

Kelly Caitlin’s family and the professional cycling world are mornings Caitlin’s death after her suicide. Caitlin, at just 23 years old, seemed to have it all as an Olympic medalist, world champion cyclist, and student at Stanford University. Caitlin recently suffered a concussion and members of her family have speculated that her brain injury may have played a large part in her depression and suicide. Los Angeles brain injury attorneys have seen the severe physical and emotional complications caused by concussions and they know the importance of medical and emotional care in achieving relief and recovery from a brain injury.

Kelly Caitlin’s bicycle accidents

Caitlin was a competitive cyclist, a Stanford graduate student studying computational and mathematical engineering, a violinist, and an artist. Over the past few months, Caitlin was injured in two bicycling accidents according to her family. The first accident left her with a broken arm and the second accident left her with a concussion. It was after she sustained the concussion that her family began to notice a change in her behavior.

After her concussion

Caitlin’s family said after the concussion she became depressed and her thoughts became dark as she started embracing ideas that life was meaningless and there was no purpose. She suffered from her constantly racing thoughts, light sensitivities, and headaches. Her family said that she was taking too much on and not taking care of herself. In January she attempted suicide and then went in for treatment after the police were able to save her from that first attempt. Unfortunately, her second suicide attempt was successful and she died at 23 years old leaving behind her parents and two triplet siblings.

Brain injuries

People who have not suffered brain injuries often do not understand that brain injury can be extremely traumatizing, especially when symptoms are severe. There are many symptoms that can cause both emotional and physical suffering and every person suffering from a brain injury is affected differently. See below for some common brain injury symptoms.

• Headache and head pressure
• Vision problems
• Confusion
• Memory problems
• Light sensitivities
• Noise sensitivities
• Depression
• Anger and aggression
• Mood swings
• Loss of consciousness
• Dizziness
• Tinnitus (ear ringing)
• Sleep difficulties
• Poor concentration
• Difficulty with balance
• Fatigue and lack of energy

Brain injuries and insurance companies

Experienced brain injury attorneys know that brain injuries are complicated and treatment is expensive. They know that simply covering a plaintiff’s medical bills does not fully compensate someone who has suffered a brain injury caused by another person’s fault. Lost wages, future medical expenses, pain and suffering are also factors that must be determined before accepting an insurance company settlement. Insurance companies generally do not care about fairly compensating brain injury victims. They know that brain injuries are expensive and their goal is to spend the least amount possible in a settlement.

If you or a loved one has sustained a brain injury caused by someone else’s fault, contact a Los Angeles brain injury attorney at JML Law to discuss your claim. Our attorneys have experienced settlement negotiators and trial attorneys who want to see that their brain injury clients receive the compensation that they deserve.

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