Senators Gillibrand And Rubio Propose A New Bill To Prevent Truck Underride Deaths

By: JML Law | March 30, 2021.
Senators Gillibrand And Rubio Propose A New Bill To Prevent Truck Underride Deaths

It’s no secret truck driving is one of the most dangerous professions in the world. The second-highest number of road fatalities in the US are caused by truck and big rig crashes. Most times, it’s the drivers and passengers in the other cars that suffer the most damage. It can be especially deadly when a passenger car careens under a tractor-trailer, either by the side of the rear. Underride accidents, as they’re called, kill an estimated 850 people a year. This staggering statistic and the available technology to prevent such accidents has driven Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Senator Marco Rubio to introduce the Bill, Stop Underrides Act. The Bill would require guard rails on the sides and update the safety standards for rear guards. As it stands, rear guards aren’t required to be inspected.

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Why Are Underride Crashes So Deadly

You are driving along the freeway, going about 70 mph. It’s a long trip back from grandma’s house, and your wife and kids are fast asleep. While there isn’t much traffic on the road, soon you find yourself in the company of more and more semi-trucks on the road. You have one big rig in front and one on the side. Suddenly, the big rig on your right starts merging into your lane. You didn’t think you were in his blind spot, but this massive truck is coming in as if you don’t exist. You have nowhere to go. You can’t speed up; there’s one in front. You can’t veer left; there are only guard rails. You try to brake and slow down, but it’s too late. The truck is coming and your car is sliding underneath the massive vehicle.

Your car is torn open like it was thrown into a garbage disposal.

Do you and your sleeping family live? Not according to the statistics. According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety,

  • 80% of people involved in underride crashed do not make it
  • Even at slow speeds, a semi’s undercarriage can cut through a car resulting in decapitation or severe head and neck injuries

Stop Underrides Act

Senators Gillibrand and Rubio hope the proposed Bill will see many common-sense changes to make the roads safer for passenger vehicles. According to CBS News:

  • The Bill would require rear guard rail and safety inspections
  • Side guard rails (which are mandatory in the European Union with success)

The senators hope to save hundreds of lives a year with adequate safety measures.

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